Leadership Signature Program

In our flagship immersive coaching program, you emerge with a sharpened leadership identity able to navigate your “best next move” with clarity, intent and purpose.

Whether it’s career pathfinding, finding your unique voice outside of company or identifying and making new choices that align with your core values.

We use our 27 years of retail executive and coaching experience to help you craft the tangible and some intangible results senior retail leader’s desire.

Our GEM Coaching Approach

Our leadership signature program uses our GEM Framework which generate very individualized results: Grow, Empower, and Multiply.


Continuous growth and development are nonnegotiable for today’s retail leader. Our fundamental growth process has three stages:

Identifying and understanding leadership bias and blindspots and how these have shaped your leadership approach over time.

Result:  A clear picture of present abilities and challenges.

Clarify the goals, aspirations, and where the individual or organization wants to be in the future.

Result: A vision of the target state, creating a direction for the coaching journey.

Identifying the differences between the current and desired states. 

Result: A tailored action plan for achieving specific goals, leading to enhanced performance and growth.


Empowering your leadership will boost confidence and improve decision-making, generate more empathetic communication, leading to noticeable changes in these critical areas:

Develop a deep understanding of your strengths and growth areas. Leverage behavioral science principles to adapt and lead authentically.

Cultivate emotional intelligence to connect with your team. Foster empathy, trust, and a positive work environment.

Equip yourself with agility to lead through change. Learn problem-solving techniques and change management strategies.

Leverage mentorship and sponsorship for career development. Build meaningful relationships to accelerate growth.

Drive execution with precision. Define clear goals, align teams, and track progress for impactful outcomes.

This self-leadership journey builds resilience, opens career advancement opportunities, and promotes personal growth.

Result: You become a positive influence, more adaptable to change, and find increased satisfaction in both personally and professionally.


Unlock Your Leadership Multiplication

Let’s focus on amplifying your leadership impact. The Leadership Multiplier Effect (LME) signifies that investing in your leadership development exponentially enhances your personal and organization’s overall performance.

When you harness our LME, you’ll see definitive and tangible outcomes:

Our Coaching Services

Coaching services are offered online via Zoom or in-person.

1-on-1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching is personally tailored to help you be proactive, passionate, and intentional in your own success. We use simple yet, powerful tools to render our Client's Desired Coaching Objectives by:.

Coaching IS NOT

Group Coaching

Our Group Coaching can be tailored for an organization or a group of individuals with shared values seeking a common goal. Our Group Coaching can produce results by Empowering Groups to:

Here’s what Coaching IS and what Coaching IS NOT about:

Executive Coaching IS

Executive Coaching IS NOT

Expert Coaching is about asking thought-provoking questions that allow the coach and client to get the “Core Issue” that may take place over several sessions. In our coaching experience we have helped individual and organizational clients in the following areas:

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