GEM Coaching Approach

At Worthy Retail Leadership we are often asked, “how does coaching work and how can it help me or my organization?”

Coaching is one of the most professionally tailored personal or organizational developmental experience. It involves a close and confidential relationship between the coach and the client.

Our GEM Coaching Approach

At Worthy Retail U our coaching approach to leadership development is broken up
into three areas we refer to as GEMs: Grow, Empower, and Multiply.


At Worthy Retail U, we believe in the continuous growth and development of retail leaders. We understand that leaders already possess a fundamental understanding of basic leadership and personal development skills. Our goal is to help leaders grow, expand, and build upon their existing foundation through a range of transformative principles.

Our GROW principles is broken into two major parts...

Before you grow you have to know where you stand and what you stand for:

  1. Reflecting on Leadership Bias: Identifying and understanding your current leadership bias, acknowledging how it has shaped your leadership approach over time.
  2. Achieving Sustainable Results: Learning effective strategies to achieve the sustainable results you desire, based on evidence-based practices and behavioral science principles.
  3. Uncovering Blind Spots: Identifying any blind spots that may hinder your growth as a leader and developing strategies to overcome them.
  4. Establishing New Leadership Skills: Discovering and cultivating new leadership skills that align with the evolving demands of the retail industry. We provide practical tools and techniques to enhance your leadership effectiveness.

We focus on four critical gaps we see in 90% of the leaders we serve:

  1. Adaptive Leadership: Developing the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, navigate complexity, and lead with resilience in the dynamic retail landscape.
  2. Cultivating Empathy: Understanding the needs and perspectives of team members and stakeholders, fostering meaningful connections, and creating a supportive work environment.
  3. Building Authentic Relationships: Establishing trust, transparency, and open communication within your team and across the organization, fostering collaboration and synergy.
  4. Mentorship and Empowerment: Developing mentorship skills to guide and empower others on their leadership journeys, creating a culture of continuous growth and development.


At Worthy Retail U, we empower retail leaders with the latest strategies and insights. Empowerment is a core pillar of our approach, focusing on equipping leaders to lead effectively and empower others in the retail industry. Through our cutting-edge Retail Leadership Training, leaders gain the tools and knowledge to make a significant impact.

Develop a deep understanding of your strengths and growth areas. Leverage behavioral science principles to adapt and lead authentically.

Cultivate emotional intelligence to connect with your team. Foster empathy, trust, and a positive work environment.

Equip yourself with agility to lead through change. Learn problem-solving techniques and change management strategies.

Leverage mentorship and sponsorship for career development. Build meaningful relationships to accelerate growth.

Drive execution with precision. Define clear goals, align teams, and track progress for impactful outcomes.

At Worthy Retail U, we empower leaders to lead with confidence, authenticity, and a deep understanding of the retail industry. Join us on the journey of empowerment to unlock your leadership potential and make a lasting impact in the retail landscape.


Unlock Your Leadership Multiplication Potential!

In the fast-paced retail world, unleash your leadership multiplication potential with Worthy Retail U. We empower retail leaders to cultivate their own skills while multiplying their impact through three key elements:

Our Coaching Services

Coaching services are offered online via Zoom or in-person.

1-on-1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching is personally tailored to help you be proactive, passionate, and intentional in your own success. We use simple yet, powerful tools to render our Client's Desired Coaching Objectives by:.

Coaching IS NOT

Group Coaching

Our Group Coaching can be tailored for an organization or a group of individuals with shared values seeking a common goal. Our Group Coaching can produce results by Educating and Empowering Groups to:

Here’s what Coaching IS and what Coaching IS NOT about:

Executive Coaching IS

Executive Coaching IS NOT

Expert Coaching is about asking thought-provoking questions that allow the coach and client to get the “Core Issue” that may take place over several sessions. In our coaching experience we have helped individual and organizational clients in the following areas:

What Leaders Are Saying...

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