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Welcome to Worthy Retail we are your experienced guide, your retail mentor, partnering with you on your leadership journey. Think of us as a trusted coach, dedicated to helping you:

…all while making a meaningful impact on the retail industry.

With our personalized coaching, inspirational speaking, and skill-building training, we focus on leadership growth, talent development, and strategic mastery. Together, let’s revolutionize your journey and transform the retail landscape.


A highly personalized executive experience which is designed to assist each leader to overcome present challenges and craft future paths. We help empower you to reach your “best next” goal as a leader.
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We specialize in tailored workshops to build cohesive teams. The result solution-oriented communication and authentic conversations that drive collective performance. Our training sessions empower your team with the tools for success in the competitive retail landscape.
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We deliver relevant and customized insights unique to your leadership teams needs with the practical tools they need to elevate their capabilities and excel in the competitive retail landscape.
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Let your Leadership Brilliance Shine

Our signature Leadership Signature Program is here to facilitate leadership growth and journey. GEM stands for Grow, Empower, and Multiply, symbolizing the transformation we aim to instigate in retail leaders.

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Meet Your Coach and Leadership Expert, Steve Worthy

Meet Steve Worthy, the heart and brain behind WORTHY RETAIL. As our Founder and CEO, Steve brings a unique mix of coaching and training to senior retail leaders and corporate teams.

Steve is all about helping top-tier leaders discover new heights in their careers. With over 25 years in retail and business development, he’s got a wealth of insights and real-world experience.

He kicked off his coaching journey in 2006 and holds an MBA from the University of Maryland. Steve’s also certified in Enneagram, DISC, and Myers Briggs, making him a go-to expert for leadership insights.

You might know him from his popular podcast, RETAIL LEADERSHIP with Steve Worthy. Up next, he’s got a book in the works, “The Approachable Retail Leader,” and is eyeing a DBA from Capella University in 2024. Steve’s not just talking about retail leadership; he’s actively shaping it.

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