It's Time To Elevate Your Retail Leadership Career with This Mastermind

Every season in retail feels like crunch time, doesn't it?

Summer, back-to-school, the holiday rush, and who can forget the whirlwind that is Q4? It is also the right time for driven managers to get noticed as high-potential retail leaders. 

But here’s the thing, successfully navigating the retail leadership growth track goes beyond just ‘doing well’. It’s all about making your mark, leading teams that rally behind you, smashing those quarterly goals, and garnering a reputation that makes heads turn.

Are you ready to do what it takes to unlock the profitable retail leader within?

Then the Worthy Retail U Leadership Mastermind is exactly what you need in this season of your career. Our mastermind program is not just a course; it’s a transformational experience that will arm you with the knowledge and tools to confidently voice your insights, handle the toughest feedback, and strategize for the future of your retail career. All while ensuring that your team sees, respects, and values your leadership.

Sound like the upgrade you’ve been hunting for? Check out the details of our Mastermind so you can transform the trajectory of your career.

During our 8-Week Retail Leadership Mastermind You Will:

Mastermind Program Details

Your Retail Leadership Level Up Begins This September

Every ambitious manager knows that growth is a continuous journey. As mid-September nears, we present a golden opportunity tailored just for you: The Retail Leadership Mastermind. This isn’t merely a program; it’s an investment in your own professional ascent. Book a Time (Link:  You’ll gain tools, insights, and mentorship that can be the catalyst for your leadership transformation. 

With limited seats and the start date rapidly approaching, now’s the time to stake your claim in this transformative journey. Reach out to Steve today and secure your spot, setting the stage for your most empowered chapter in retail leadership.

Introducing Your Mastermind Mentor: Steve Worthy

Steve is a seasoned retail executive, with an impressive track record, spanning over 25 years of profitable retail leadership. Beyond this, he’s the driving force and CEO behind Worthy Retail U—a leadership training platform crafted to elevate emerging regional and store managers into highly profitable retail leaders.

But the layers of Steve’s expertise don’t stop there. He’s the voice behind the globally-renowned podcast, RETAIL LEADERSHIP with Steve Worthy. Through this platform, he delivers candid and eye-opening conversations that stretch far beyond the scope of any standard retail training manual. As buzz grows around his upcoming book, “The Approachable Retail Leader”, one thing is crystal clear: Steve isn’t merely contributing to the world of retail discourse—he’s revolutionizing it.