Post-Pandemic Leadership

Hello Community,

How are you? I hope that everybody is doing well amidst the pandemic that we are experiencing. 

The pandemic has brought us and continuously bringing challenges to all. Everything has changed. Everything stop and everyone needs to adjust to the new normal. The fear of the unknown exists and the future becomes completely unpredictable.

And for the organization, everyone is affected. No one is spared from the effect of the pandemic. All are striving and trying to cope up.  And during this critical time, a good leader must exist.  A good leader must step up.

Here are the traits a good leader must have in this pandemic.

  1. Empathy

The impact of the pandemic is very real and affects everyone. Stress and anxiety are high.  As a leader, we need to sympathize and connect to the challenges faced by the team. We need to lead with empathy. We need to equip ourselves with compassion for us to truly understand what our team needs.  Putting yourself in the shoes of others may not be a bad idea for you to know the support that they need. 

  1. Flexibility

Pandemic transformed our personal, academic, and professional life. Everyone tried their best to be able to adapt to what we call the new normal. As a leader of an organization, you must be flexible and adaptable. You do not need to stick with a decision to appear decisive instead, be willing to regularly check the information, the effectiveness of the new operations or processes, and change course if necessary to meet the changing environments while still promoting an organization’s mission. 

  1. Communication 

Having consistent communication will bring the team together. Talk and listen to your team. Ask them not just about work. Ask them “how are you?”. You must know what is happening to your team. It is important for them to feel valued during these times.  You may use any available measures to be able to talk to them. Thank them also for all their hard work. For doing their best despite the pandemic. And give them the assurance that you and the organization will not leave them behind.

  1. Humility

As the pandemic continues to unfold, do not pretend that you know more. It takes a strong leader to rely on the expertise of others in order to make the best decisions for the organization. Whether it’s concerning public health, statistics, human resources, or even legal issues.

  1. Embracing Technology

A good leader is open to learning. Learning how to be in this new environment. No one knows when the pandemic will end. As technology arise, let’s embrace what it has to offer. Help everyone to adapt and embrace new technologies. Use the technology to keep the team delivering and to keep the organization nimble in the long term.

As a leader, you set the direction so stay optimistic. Change is opportunity. Help your team to the changing situations. And look forward to the opportunities that will arise in the future.

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