Case Studies

Case Study Types


Position to Permission

Clients are developing leaders and new to the coaching experience. Clients seek strategies to discover their Leadership Voice, Untapped Potential, Develop Communication skills, Establish Foundational Leadership Values.


Ambition to Vision

Clients desire to a hard look at the reasons for blocking success. Clients develop their emotional intelligence, Empathy Leadership Skills. Clients cultivate sustained impact by forming a Clear Vision for their personal and professional lives.


Success to Significance

Clients with increasing levels of organizational impact. Clients seek to create their own breakthrough life while defining and building a legacy. Clients develop and execute a plan to expand their influence inside and outside of the organization.

Individual Growth Case Study #3

Multi-Unit Leader – 360 assessment showed the client is great at using statistics, logic,
and reasoning to effectively persuade people to get things done. However, the client
uses this style in the majority of their encounters with little deviation.

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